What CRMs does SalesScripter integrate with?

We get a lot of questions around what CRMs we integrate with. I will provide the current answer here and update this when it changes.

We currently only connect directly through an API to Salesforce. The Salesforce integration has two points of integration - our sales playbook can be displayed in Salesforce Classic Enterprise Edition and the second area of integration is our CRM can send contact data over to Salesforce CRM database.

We are currently working on and testing integration with Hubspot at the time of this post and hope to have more functionality in that area in the near future.

Our roadmap for 2019 has the goal of building an app for SalesScripter in the Zapier app store and once that is ready, it will be easy to connect SalesScripter with many other CRMs.

But all of that being said, you can certainly use SalesScripter without integrating with your CRM. SalesScripter has three main areas - Sales Message Builder, Sales Playbook, and CRM. If you have your own CRM, you can use that side by side with our Sales Message Builder and Sales Playbook (skipping our CRM) and use them with out any integration.


We are excited to announce that we just finished development of our Zapier app which will allow you send CRM contacts from the SalesScripter CRM to any other CRMs you use.

One way our customers are planning to use this is when they want to use the SalesScripter CRM for their prospecting and outreach but cannot fully switch over because the already have a main CRM system like Zoho, Hubspot, or Salesforce.

With our Zapier app, you can set up a "trigger" so that when you create a new contact in SalesScripter during your prospecting, that contact and details will be sent over to your company CRM.

But before we fully publish our Zapier app in their library, we need to have a few beta testers of that app. If you would like to be one of those beta testers, please let us know by either replying to this email or sending an email to info@salesscripter.com and we will reply with an invitation to our beta test.