We now use building blocks

In the previous version of SalesScripter, each of your answers in the Sales Message Builder linked to dozens of different places in the Sales Playbook document library.

Now we have added a feature called Building Blocks which is the last step or page in the Sales Message Builder and now all of your answers are used to create building blocks which are different topics or talk tracks that you might want to say at some point to prospects. The Sales Playbook now uses the building blocks to create all of your scripts, emails, and templates.

What this means is that now you can make edits in one place by changing a building block and see that edit show up in all of the documents that have that block. In the previous version, you would have made that change in all of the different documents so this should save time and make editing easier.

You can create your own building blocks for situations where you have content that you want to include in different documents that is not created as one of the standard building blocks.

Here is a video that shows a quick explanation.

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