This work for less aggressive approach?

I'm building a sales funnel for an automated email campaign. The target: existing free trail contacts have been receiving the publication for a couple of months. CTA: convert hot contacts to paying subscribers via series of emails. Is your Email Drip Campaign a good fit or is a more aggressive approach better?
If you are asking if the email templates we provide are a good fit for your audience, they are probably not because most of the templates the system comes preloaded with are cold emails more for cold prospecting. You are describing more of a warm prospecting situation and would either need to use different email messages or modify ours a bit.

But if you are referring to our email campaigns and email automation functionality in our CRM, that could certainly be a fit with what you are describing and needing. Our system provides the engine and system for your to automate and send out your emails. And with that, you can make your emails and campaign as aggressive as you would like.