Tell the contact you know they opened the email or clicked?

If you are cold calling a contact that you emailed and you know from the email system that they opened the email or clicked a link in the email, should you say that in your call script that you see they clicked or opened?
I would not recommend sharing that as it is a bit "big brother"ish to let the prospect know that you are watching them and know what they have done. I would definitely use the data to figure out who to call but I would not share your knowledge of the data or behavior with the prospect.

I have also had clients ask about whether or not they should ask if the contact has read the email. I don't think this is great either. Think about what the potential answers could be - yes, no, I don't know. What would you do with those replies?

Of course yes is a great response and easy to reply to but what are you going to say if they say no or I don't know. That response will likely take the conversation into a less than optimum exchange where you might have to explain the email that you are referring to or at least change directions from what you were hoping to do which is talk to them after they read your email.

I would just email and call in parallel but do not mention the emails at all in the call and assume they haven't read or remember the email.