Sharing scripts

Yes, you can share content and data from one account to other user account by linking accounts.

You will need the Manager subscription level in order to link your account to other users and you can link your Manager account to other Prospecter accounts or other Manager accounts and those two scenarios are a little different so let me explain.

First of all, you want to share "scripts". Technically in our system, you create "sales messages" and each message creates a library of documents including scripts and emails.

As a Manager user, you can link with other Managers and with that, you can send copies of your sales messages over to the other users. This basically creates a copy of your sales message in the linked user account and then those are two independent copies (versions) and can be edited and changed in each account.

As a Manager user, you can also link with Prospecter users and share your sales messages. But in this scenario, you are not sending the content to the user's account. More so, you are sharing the information allowing it to be used and displayed in the Prospecter account. But the content is actually stored in the Manager account. This means that the Prospecter users cannot edit the sales messages and script and that can only be done in the Manager account. And when the sales messages and scripts are edited in the Manager account, those changes will be displayed in the library of documents for all of the linked Prospecter user accounts.

I know that can be a little confusing so let us know if you have other questions. Another way to look at it is that the Manager and Prospecter linking is like a parent and child relationship with the Manager being the parent account and the Prospecter being the child account.