Sharing scripts with a teammate

If i sign up and customise the script. and my team member also want to sign up to test. can he/she just import my setup or they have to setup everything from scratch ?


Yes, you can share scripts with teammates in two ways.

We have two subscription levels that allow you to share - Pro and Prospecter. You can link two pro accounts and send a campaign from one to another where it could be edited and changed in the second account.

The other option is that you can link a Pro account with a Prospecter account. The Prospecter user will be able to see all of the scripts created in the Pro account but cannot edit or change anything.

Pro to Pro would be used for two colleagues that are operating independently that want to share scripts with a one-time transfer. Pro to Prospecter is more designed for a manager adding salespeople that work for him or her and need ongoing sharing and collaboration.