Sharing Lists Improved

If you use the "Lists" feature in the SalesScripter CRM for how you organize your contacts and you share those lists with other users that you are connected with, you need to read this update and may need to update the settings .

In the previous design for Lists, you share the list with a linked user by clicking a check box for "Share". The problem with that is that your list would become visible to all users you are linked with and you may only want certain users to see the list.

We have fixed that problem as you can now specify which users you want to share the list with. As a result, you can share list A with one user and list B with a different user.

But this update will essentially reset your list share settings so if you currently have lists shared with users, you will have to go to the lists and select the specific users that you want to see and access those lists.

We apologize for you having to configure your share settings again but this is an improved design and one that you will be happier with long-term.

Please let us know if you have any questions.