RingCentral Integration Instructions and Details


Here is a video that explains how to integrate SalesScripter with your RingCentral account and why you might want to connect the two.


The integration between RingCentral and SalesScripter offers three areas of functionality:

1) The RingCentral softphone is embedded in the SalesScripter application eliminating the need for you to download the softphone software.
2) You will be able to use Click-to-Dial by clicking on phone numbers in the application and that will open the softphone which will then dial the phone number that you clicked on.
3) The integration will bring over your call recordings from RingCentral and store them on the record for the contact that you called.


There are only two steps required to make this integration work. First, you will need to click the option to “Display” the softphone on this page https://salesscripter.com/pro/crm/settings/integrations. By selecting this, the softphone will then display when you are in the SalesScripter app. Without this step, the softphone will be hidden.

The next step is to simply log into the softphone with your RingCentral username and password. This step will need to be repeated whenever you are logged out of the softphone.
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