Responding to not interested responses

I am doing cold email prospecting on LinkedIn and I get a lot of not interested responses. I am trying to think of how to respond to those so that I can change their mind. Do you have any tips?


While there are many things you can say when you get "not interested" objection when talking to someone in person or on the phone, it is different when getting 'not interested" in an email.

You have more room to work with it live and in email if you try to say something to try to either change their mind from not interested or just to keep the conversation going, you have an extremely low chance of success and an extremely high chance of annoying them.

In other words, if you get not interested in an email, I recommend you accept and move on. And if you want to do something, I would say to work on your message and try to improve it so that you decrease prospects giving you the not interested response.