Pricing quesiton

I'm a one man show trying to get my startup off the ground this year, My goal is to hire sales staff over the next 30 days to really scale fast primarily via email and phone.

Something like your salescripter can really help me with.

How much is it again to get just myself going with salescripter and what is the pricing if I want to have like 15 to 20 salespeople with an account?
We have two pricing levels, Pro for the manager and Lite for the salespeople you add to your team.

Pro is $99 per month but you can currently get a 50% discount if you sign up for the year.

Lite is $49 per month and you can currently get a 20% discount if you sign up for the year.

I can certainly provide an additional discount if you are purchasing more than on subscription at the same time.

You can start to grow your team with hiring virtual and part-time sales resources and here is a webinar I hosted on how to do that and our platform makes this much easier than it would be without -
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