Pipedrive Integration Instructions and Details



With this integration, when you create a new contact in SalesScripter, that contact and most of the main fields will be sent over to Pipedrive creating a matching contact on the Pipedrive side. The integration will also send over details on emails sent and calls logged in SalesScripter for the related contact record in Pipedrive.


To set up, log into your Pipedrive account and click on the drop down arrow in the top right of the screen. On that, click on the option for “Settings”. On the next page, when you have “Personal” highlighted, you will see an option in the middle column for “API”. Click on “API” and then you will see in green your API token. Copy that value and paste it into the API Token field on this page.

The next thing you need to enter is your domain which is the part of the URL for your Pipedrive account that comes before “.pipedrive.com”. For example, if you see https://aasder-234gadb.pipedrive.com/ in the URL field when you log into Pipedrive, aasder-234gadb is what you need to enter in the Domain Name field on this page.

Pipedrive only provides four fields by default - name, email, phone, and mobile. These are the values that are sent from SalesScripter to Pipedrive when you enter only the API token and domain. If you would like to send over data for other fields that you have added to your Pipedrive account, go to “Settings” then “Custom Fields”. On this page you will see a unique API key for each field. You will have to insert the keys for the fields that you want to send over into the appropriate fields on this page.