Objections not showing on scripts

I have customized my objections in the response builder and the show on the scripts with one sales pitch but not my other sales pitches. Do you know how to fix?
The Response Builder page and settings are unique for each sales pitch. In other words, you can create unique objections for your different sales pitches. Why you might want to do this is that you may get different objections or questions for different products or different buyers so your objections and objections responses may look different for each pitch.

With that, if you create custom objections and have more than one sales pitch, you will need to add those custom objections to each sales pitch. You could do this with some copy and paste effort.

One thing here is that if you add custom objections to a sales pitch and then clone the sales pitch, the newly created sales pitch will also have all of the custom objections so you would not need to copy them to the new sales pitch in that scenario.