Lead Generation for Small Commercial Real Estate Company

I work for a small commercial real estate company that specializes in the Urgent Care sector.

We help Urgent Care operators with Site Selection and Site Analysis.

Our company President is looking for ways to increase our Lead Generation in 2021. Traditionally, our main marketing focus has been attending the annual Urgent Care Association Tradeshow.

Our target market is Urgent Care Owners/Operators that are looking to add additional Urgent Care clinics and place them in the best locations. Also, we work with Urgent Care chains that are acquiring smaller Urgent Care providers to help them evaluate the various clinics and score those that are best positioned for strong patient volumes in the future.

We do not have a dedicated sales or marketing staff.

Any suggestions on possible approaches?
You can start by dividing your lead generation into two categories - inbound and outbound.

For inbound, this may involve using techniques like pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization to try to bring your potential prospects to your website or information. Although, it sounds like that your prospects might not be actively looking to buy what you sell and if that is correct, inbound will not work because they will not be searching for the keywords that you would design your inbound strategy around.

Outbound is having resources or systems proactively reach out to your potential prospects using either the phone and/or email. You mention not having staff and you could either hire internal resources to help with this and you could also outsource this. For outsourcing, you could either hire independent resources that are work-from-home or even overseas, or you could hire an agency that provides cold calling and lead generation as a service.

For outbound performed with email, there are many software applications that you can use to send email messages to potential prospects. The key thing there is getting lists of the people and their email addresses that fit the type of buyers and from there it is creating the right email messages and strategy.

Here is a webinar recording on creating an inbound and outbound strategy -

Here is a webinar recording on hiring work-at-home sales staff -

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