Integration with Hubspot

We have recently developed integration between SalesScripter and Hubspot and here are the details.


With this integration, when you create a new contact in SalesScripter, that contact and most of the main fields will be sent over to Hubspot creating a matching contact on the Hubspot side. The integration will also send over details on emails sent and calls logged in SalesScripter for the related contact record in Hubspot.


To set up, log into your Hubspot account and click on the drop down arrow in the top right of the screen. On that, click on the option for “Integrations”. On the next page, click on the option for “API Key” under the Integrations heading.

This page will allow you to create an API key and once you have done that, you can enter that key in the API key field on this page and press save which will then connect your SalesScripter account with you Hubspot CRM account.