Inbound scripts

Hello, I'm looking into the 'Scripter' level of subscription but I wanted to know, is it specifically for prospect calls? Or does it have robust scripts for inbound calls/retention calls as well?

As we do not do any cold calling or have prospect lists, I'd rather not look too deeply into this if it is geared towards the selling side, rather than general customer service
Most of the documents that are preloaded in the Sales Playbook are designed more for outbound sales. There is an inbound script and some meeting scripts but there are a lot of outbound call scripts, voicemail scripts, and cold emails that you might not need or use if you are not doing outbound sales.

But you do not need to use all of the documents in the library for this tool to help you. Even if you are only doing inbound sales or customer service, you should still have a good sales message and this system can help you to create that.

The same questions that you should use in outbound sales situations are the same questions you should ask in inbound sales situations. SalesScripter can help you to build those and then the Sales Playbook documents will be populated with those.

You can view and use the standard inbound call script but what you could also do is modify the outbound call scripts that are provided by the software to make them fit your inbound and customer service related situations.

We have a 30 day money back guarantee if you want to test it out to see if it can help you.