I am not interested

I sell vacation packages in a call center for a time share company. Now yes whenever someone tells me they are not interested right from the get go I always jump into discovery questions. But however with each response they give to my discovery questions they always end with "but I'm not interested." It gets to the point where they keep saying they are not interested and hang up.

Or you will be in the middle of a sentence pitching to them and they hang up. So although asking discovery questions is a good way to stop them in their tracks when a person says not interested it does not seem to keep them going for long. In my experience the discovery questions tactic only buys me more time but I'm still getting hung up on because the person on the other end of this call has now stated after each response to my discovery question they they are still not interested before I can even get another word or question in.

That is what is so frustrating. I wish there was a way to overcome this so a person could stop saying they are not interested after each question I ask.
t is a valid point that you have. Sometimes you will not be able to get around a prospect that has the position of I am not interested. And sometimes they are legitimately not interested and there is nothing you can do to make them interested.

For example, if you sell cars and you are talking to someone that just bought a new car 6 months ago, there is nothing you are going to be able to say that keeps that conversation going because they do not need and want what you sell.

But the goal here is not to resolve the I am not interested to make them interested. It is to keep the conversation to try to get away from it. If that works for some and you still have others that continue to stay on the point that they are not interested, I think you have made progress.

In your scenario, let's say they say I am not interested and you then ask, "I see. Do you mind if I ask how often you try to take a vacation." I believe a percentage of the time someone will answer this with a number and you can then follow that up with another question or point. But if they answer that they are still not interested, there is not much you can do.

Actually though, there is not much you can do at that point in the call. But you may look at what you are saying earlier in the call before they trigger the I am not interested objection. For example, if you sound like a product pushing salesperson, this can trigger the I am not interested response. So if you can adjust what you say before that comes up so you don't look like a product pusher, that can help with this objection in a more proactive way. Look for our other videos for tips on that.