How to Deal With and Get Around Sales Objections

This is a recording from week 9 from our 15-week sales training webinar series on The SMART Sales System where we discussed how to get into net new accounts.

If you want to download the slides from this webinar, you can do that on a blog post with this recording on our website here.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book The SMART Sales System - SELL SMARTER, NOT HARDER, go here.

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Like to watch your content but don't agree with the part "sell the meeting " . Why would you waste your time on a meeting that doesn't fit your ICP?
The point is to focus more on selling the meeting than trying to sell the product. Sure, don't sell the meeting and waste your time with a prospect that does not fit.

Of course, if you identify that the product does not fit, just as you would hopefully not continue to sell your product, you should also not try to sell the meeting.

This is actually explained in this video on the sales process where the first step before the meeting is Initial Contact and the goal of that step is to determine if there is enough of a fit to meet (keep talking).