How to add additional users

You have to create an account for each user that you want to add and them link them to your main account. Here are the steps:

1) Create the add-on user account. If you are creating the accounts, log out of your main account and then go to this page - and sign up using the name and email address for the person you are trying to add and purchase the subscription called "Add-On" User.

2) Log into new account at least once. In order to full activate the new add-on user account, log into the application at least once after you complete the purchase process.

3) Search for user. Log out of the add-on user's account and log into your main user account. Then go to this page and click on the second folder tab for "Add New Connection" and search for the new add-on user with either their name or user name.

4) Connect and share. When you find the add-on user in your search, clink on share in order to link up their account with your account.

From there, you and the add-on user will share CRM data and sales scripts.