How much time to leave between cold emails

I see all of the cold emails that you provide. Do you suggest sending these emails one after the other in a sequencial way? What would you recommend as the best interval between sending each email like if I send the first email today, how long can i wait before sending the next? What if the client asked you to send more info about your company then they go quiet after you send, what do you suggest is the best way to follow up, calling or another email?
Yes, send these as a series of emails and leave a week in between each email.

Here is a webinar recording that explains how to organize your calls and emails in terms of how many attempts and how much time to leave between each:

For follow-up, the simple answer is that you should call and email. It might take multiple attempts of each in order to get connected. If you can't get back in contact after multiple attempts, try contacting someone else at the business if this is a B2B situation. That is also discussed in that webinar recording that I shared.