How does the scripter walk through work?

I am thinking about purchasing the scripter walk through service. Is this still available and how does it work? How do I talk to about scheduling that and where do I purchase?
It is a 2 hour structured process that we go through where I go through your Sales Message Builder with you step by step. We meet on a screenshare session, I do the drive, typing, wordsmith-ing, etc., and we fill out your message builder to a minimum degree.

What I mean by minimum degree is that we can spend hours together in the Message Builder. But what we do on the walk-through is answer all of the questions at least once to load you up with one sales pitch and most of the questions answered.

It is very productive. Not only is it good to have me on there because I know the system inside and out, but I am also a pretty good wordsmith and I can be a good "devil's advocate" for you pushing back on things that you think are good to say or things that you are not saying that you should be.

You purchase it here and after the purchase is made, you will be contacted for the scheduling of your 2 hour session.