How do I add additional users to my account?

A common question is how to add additional users to someone's account and here is the explanation and process:

Each user needs their own account. But there are two levels of users, think of it as like a parent and children. If you signed up for a Pro account, your account is essentially the parent. If you are trying to add users, you are trying to add children accounts and you will want to link them to the parent.

The parent is Pro and the children subscription is called "Add-On User" and you will se that here -

In order to set this up, you can either log out of your Pro account and sign up as a new user entering the information for the person you want to add and then purchase product "Add-On User" or you can have the new user do that.

Once that new add-on account is active, log into your Pro account and search for the new user in area Settings > Organization > Add New Connections and then you can search for the user.

Once you find the user, you can then determine what you want to share with them and also select if you want to restrict their access in the CRM so that they only see their own records or that they can see all records. Press Share and they should then be linked with your Pro account.

Please note if you are creating the new add-on account, you have to log into the new account at least once after purchasing in order for the account to be activated and found in your search. You cannot just purchase and then try to pull up the new user in a search.