Hiring tips where to find new sales people

I want to hire sales people remotely to selling my product. Do you have any system or service that helps find remote sales people? Ive tried posting on Craigslist of course but with the unemployment percent in the US so low, that most people don’t want to work for commission only.
Here is a brain dump of everything I did with hiring people on a webinar

But I primarily used Craigs list.

There is an area of the app designed for hiring called Sales Recruiting which helps you with interviewing and scoring applicants and there is also a page in their called Labor Pool with some real people that you can contact about hiring, they have all applied for work at home positions.

But I think trying to hire people with commission only is a bad idea even with higher unemployment. You get what what you pay for. You will get lower quality people and you will have to spend time training them and your turnover rate will be high so you will waste a ton of time training, interviewing, etc.