Hiring good cold callers

I follow your advice closely with my hiring process for cold callers. The issue I'm having, is that after going through training and such, many of the people we've been trying to hire end up being "no shows" on their official first day.

Have you ever experienced this? The turnover is getting a little frustrating, so I thought I'd reach out to see if you had any advice regarding this. Thanks in advance, and thanks for all your informative videos.
Yes, I experienced that. I think the best way to minimize that challenge is to make the best decisions you can on who you hire. Are you hiring people to come into your office or virtual? If not doing virtual, that limits your labor pool so you can be as picky.

Just about everything I got I dumped into this webinar on hiring work at home cold callers:

We used an automated process where applicants called into a voicemail box for the first interview which allowed us to screen more people and be more picky. I can’t remember if I talked about that in that webinar recording.