Help with a value statement

I don't really have enough information from you question to put together a value statement, but I can point you in a few directions.

First, here are some questions that you can ask yourself by inserting the product you sell to brainstorm the value you offer:

Technical Value

Does [Your Product] help [Target Buyer Type] to:
● Improve any processes? How?
● Make anything work better? How?
● Make anything easier? How?
● Save time? How?
● Improve visibility or access to information? How?
● Improve communications or connectivity? How?
● Make anything more reliable? How?
● Reduce the effort, energy, or manpower needed to do something? How?
● Automate anything? How?

Business Value

Does [Your Product] help [Target Buyer Type] to:
● Decrease costs? How?
● Increase revenue? How?
● Increase profitability? How?
● Improve decision-making? How?
● Decrease risk? How?
● Improve the quality their products or services? How?
● Improve customer satisfaction? How?

Personal Value

Does [Your Product] help [Target Buyer Type] to:
● Increase personal income? How?
● Decrease personal expenses? How?
● Increase the potential for a promotion? How?
● Increase the potential for job performance recognition? How?
● Improve work/life balance? How?
● Decrease stress? How?
● Improve happiness? How?
● Be more comfortable? How?
● Improve job security? How?
● Improve the workplace atmosphere? How?

You can use the answer you came up there to compose your a value statement. If you want more explanation on that, watch this video on building a value proposition: