Getting objections from gatekeeper for banking services

Thank you for your time, and I hope you might have a moment to reply. My job is to cold call companies on behalf of bankers, with the goal of setting appointments with the companies to see if they might be open to changing banks. The level of people I call are Business Owners, CFO's and VP's of Finance. A Gatekeeper almost always answers the phone, even if I call early morning or late afternoon. I will tell the Gatekeeper my name, my company name and 1 or 2 benefits, and ask to be put through to the boss. Here's where my challenge comes in: the Gatekeeper will come back and say "we're all set with our current bank relationship and we're not looking to change banks.
I would watch our webinar on gatekeepers and objections links are below. That is the best brain dump I can provide. If you want to discuss your situation and work through it together, we can do that under our sales coaching service.