Follow-up cold calls

I get some people on the phone and they just wanted an email.

So ive sent a few after call emails. What would be the next course of action you would take? If I send the email what am I going to be calling them about next time?
The first thing I would look at is did you try to get around the request for information objection with what is recommended in our objections training? That is what I would recommend first. Here is our training and there is a very specific way to hand the request for you to send them information.

I would call back with the exact same script and purpose you used when you called the first time when they asked for information. Only difference is that you can start the call mentioning talking to them before and sending an email.
I've found it usually takes a good number of attempts (emails and phone calls) before I get an appointment to meet in person. I would suggest you keep trying both avenues until they answer - usually I get that response on the phone. I've been using this spreadsheet to keep track of how many times I've reached out and it's been helpful. Good luck!
Thanks for sharing your tool. I like your ideas and how you took the initiative to build this. This is how the SalesScripter application started in that the very first version was a spreadsheet with questions to ask and fields to input answers.

For your tool, you should try to design it so that some of the notes are prefilled with some sort of drop down or checkbox so that you can decrease the typing. It would also be good if you could see not just see attempts per account but also attempts per day for your own personal activity tracking.

You would probably find our "Log an Interaction" feature interesting, here is a video that shows that: