Email campaigns feature


We have added a new email automation feature in the CRM found in the left sidebar label Email Campaigns.

Before this feature, you had the ability to send a series of emails to an individual contact or to a list of contacts. This feature would basically schedule out a series of emails to go out when you press send on whatever emails you have composed.

The new email campaigns feature is a little different in that instead of assigning a set of emails to a set of contacts, you are assigning a contacts to a set of emails. The contacts will then move through that series of emails.

Overall the same thing happens where an automated set of emails goes out to a set of contacts. But the email campaigns feature allows you to modify the emails that are going out to the contacts and the previous process is less flexible as your emails cannot be modified after you press send.

Another benefit to the email campaigns feature is that a contact can only be added to an email campaign one time. This can prevent a contact getting blasted multiple times with the same set of email messages.

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