Do you provide consulting or more help?

I get how your software works and what it does. But what if I want more help. Do you work with your clients to help them in addition to the software or do you offer any type of consulting in addition to the software or no?


Yes, of course. Here are your options for getting help:

1. Do it yourself - the software is designed to be DIY (do it yourself) if you want with videos on almost every page explaining what you need to do

2. Free help - if you have a question or two, we will jump on the phone and do a screenshare with you at no cost and as much as you want. But this is designed as short conversations to push you over bumps in the road and get you going in the right direction.

3. Consulting hours - if you want us to work with you for more than answering a question or two, we sell consulting hours in buckets of 2 or 5 hours and we will work with you on setting up and creating whatever you need help with (as it pertains to our area of expertise).

4. Scripter Walk-Through - one common service that we offer is a 2 hour coaching engagement called a Scripter Walk-Through where we will go through the Sales Message Builder of the software and help you to answer all of the questions which will lead to you have a sales pitch and library of scripts created by us. These are ver productive and if you believe in our software and methodology, this is a great first step. Cost is $200.

Here is a page to see and purchase consulting services from us -