Do you have scripts for [insert product or service]?


We get a lot of questions through our our website asking if we have scripts for a particular product, service, or industry. We do have a library of already created scripts (actually they are prewritten sales pitch messages and those messages can then be used to populate our library of scripts, emails, voicemails, objection responses) and I will list those below.

But our system is not designed to be a library of prebuilt scripts. The fact that we have those is just bonus but to use our system correctly, you would answer questions to create your own sales pitch message specific to the product you sell and the target buyer type that you are communicating to.

Below are the sales messages that we have created and loaded up into this system. But if you sell something that is not in the list below, it does not mean that the system is not something that can help you. It just means you can't take advantage of something that is prebuilt and will just need to answer questions to create your own message.

SEO Services for businesses
Digital Marketing Services for businesses
Recruiting Services for hiring managers
web design services for businesses
IT Consulting Services for businesses
IT Outsourcing for businesses
financial advisory services for individuals
email marketing software for businesses
inbound marketing solutions for businesses
sales training for Sales Managers
server and application hosting for businesses
cloud hosting services for businesses
IT Professional Services for businesses
infrastructure hardware and software sales (reseller/VAR) for businesses
vendor management services for businesses
mobile advertising solutions for businesses
Bookkeeping and Payroll Services for businesses
entrepreneurial business opportunity for people working as employees
real estate advisory services for real estate investors
3PL and Logistics Services for businesses

We also have some insurance related prebuilt sales pitches and those are below:

Term Life for individuals
Universal Life for individuals
Life Insurance for individuals
disability income coverage for businesses
auto and home insurance coverage for individuals
annuities for individuals
financial advisory services for individuals
long-term care for individuals
Life Insurance Policy Review for individuals
mortgage protection for individuals
health and welfare consulting for businesses
Insurance Program Review for businesses
Worker's Compensation for businesses
Commercial Insurance for businesses (second version)
estate and financial planning services for business owners
Insurance and Retirement Planning for people that are heading toward retirement (50 to 64)
Commercial Insurance for businesses
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