Do I start with the walk-through service?

Hi I am thinking about signing up and also purchasing the walk-through service to create my script. But I am uncertain if I should purchase the walkthrough and do that first or should I go through and set up as good as I can and then purchase the walkthrough later? Which is best way to go?
Our goal is for the system to be completely self-service where you can fill it out on your own without purchasing consulting. One way we do this is by putting help videos in the top right corner of most pages inside the app that explain that particular page you are on.

But certainly there are still situations where you need help and the Scripter Walk-Through is very productive as we will probably come up with a better sales message together than you would on your own. If only because two brains is better than one.

But to your question, I would that if you know for sure that you are going to purchase a Scripter Walk-Through, I would recommend doing that as soon as you sign up and not spend your valuable time setting anything up before that.

In other words, let's start you out with the Walk-Through at the very beginning.

You may think that you might get more out of the Walk-Through by working on your info before the consulting session but that is probably not the case because we will probably rewrite what you put in there so you won't be saving much time and you might end up wasting your time that you spend in the system prior to the Walk-Through.

But a different scenario is where you may purchase a Walk-Through but have not made that decision. In this situation, yes, go through the system and try to use the videos and maybe you can set up your message without purchasing consulting.