Deleting scheduled emails

A common question is how to delete future emails that have been sent but are scheduled out into the future. Here are a couple of ways.

1. You can click on the individual contact record in the CRM and you will see a section for "Scheduled Emails". In this area, you can delete future emails.

2. You can go to "Reporting" in the CRM and you will see "Email Reports". You will see a drop down for type of report and you can select "Scheduled Emails" and this will show you all of the emails that are scheduled to go out and you can delete individual emails or do a mass delete by selecting more than one.

3. Another option is that this question often comes up when someone replies to an email that you send from SalesScripter where they say something in area of "I am not interested" and you then want to stop all future emails from going to them. If you look at the email that you sent them that they are replying to, you will see "Unsubscribe" at the bottom of the email. If you click on that, you will unsubscribe them and they will not receive any emails in the future. You are essentially clicking Unsubscribe for them.