Customizing the name drop

I am on the name drop page in the sales message area. The benefit statement that I input into the top of the sales message form, by default, is being populated in the answer to both of the following questions asked on the bottom of the form: "Select the initial improvement delivered to this customer." and "Select the ultimate improvement delivered to this customer." I would like to add my own answer to both of these questions. How do I add my own answer since the pull-down buttons don't give you any option other than the entire benefit statement?


Hello, yes when you are creating your sales message in the Sales Message area, you will go through a Name Drop step and this is quick template builder that only allows you to select benefits that you created on the Value step.

The reason for that is that we want you to create a name drop very quickly without having to write anything out.

But it is certainly possible that you want to write something out or that the benefits that you entered do not exactly match with the name drop example.

If that is the case, do not worry as you can select one of the prefilled benefits on the name drop page and when you complete your sales message, you can then go to the Building Blocks page and look for the block called Name Drop. This block will be filled in with the points that you selected and you will have an open text field to make additions or changes to the name drop example that the Sales Message Builder created during the sales message creation process.