Creating benefits question

I am new to sales scripter, I am trying to create sales message for the retailer procurement manager . But, the product feature and benefits is for the end user, Therefore, the features of the product is conflicting with retails buyer manager, I am confused and I need help with sales messages building please, could support me ?
With the question you have asked it is a good sign that you are understanding our approach because you identify that the person you are selling to could have different benefits and pain points than the user of the product.

This is the power in our approach in that in most cases you well improve your sales by focusing on the benefits that the person you are selling to would see instead of the end user because you are trying to motivate the person to buy from you.

Knowing both sets of benefits would be best but creating a script that focuses on your buyer’s benefits is best in most situations. But you could certainly find yourself in situation where it makes sense to focus more on the end user benefits.

We provide support with the application at no cost but to help you create your sales message, that will require purchasing consulting or coaching hours and here are the options for that -

I would be happy to jump on a call with you and answer any quick questions you have regarding your sales message or the application at no cost. But again, if you are looking for someone to go through the process with you and create your answers, that will require consulting/coaching.

Let me know if you have questions or would like to schedule a call.