Changed Pre-Qualifying Questions to Pain Questions


On just about all of the scripts was previously a category of questions called "Pre-Qualifying Questions" and we have changed the name of these questions to "Pain Questions". Here is the explanation of why this change was made.

If you follow our process for creating these questions, you will create them from your pain points. Our logic was that a great way to pre-qualify a prospect is to ask them questions to see if they have the pain that you help to fix. But we have recently added a new category of questions to all of the scripts called "Current Environment Questions" and these can also be good questions to ask to pre-qualify.

As a result of this change, we realized that a more accurate name for what were previously called Pre-Qualify Questions is Pain Questions because they are produced from the pain points and they are questions that look for pain.

And now there are two sets of questions and they can be combined to create a complete set of Pre-Qualifying Questions. In other words, Pain Questions + Current Environment Questions = Pre-Qualify Questions.

Just a reminder that the place that you can edit all of these questions and the names for the categories is the Question Builder in the section called Sales Message Builder.