Can you break out the scripts in terms of pricing

Our system does a lot of different things and we often get this question as many of our customers do not use every single feature that the system provides and they often ask if we can break out what they do want for a lower price.

The simple answer is that we have only one price and you get all of the features for that price.

The two things I would like to point out is 1) that it is most likely the case that you do not need every single document and feature that the system provides. So the fact that you aren't using something, don't feel like you are being overcharged or wasting money because every user has some features that they are not using.

And 2) we only introduced our CRM and email automation a few years ago and before introduction, the price was the exact same price that it is today. So what that means is that you are actually getting the CRM and email system for free. So you concern about paying for something that you are not using is somewhat not valid because you are not using something that we are including for free.