Can I see how many calls my reps made?

Yes, if your team is using the system the way it is designed, you should be able to have more visibility into what your team is doing than you would with any other CRM. When I say the way it is designed, what I mean by that is if you have your reps log their interactions after each call (or interaction) using the "Log an Interaction" feature, your reps will be capturing all of the key details on each interaction they have.

This step will capture calls made as well as all of the other details. Once your reps have incorporated that step into their daily process, not only will you be able to run reports on calls made, but you will be able to run reports on anything else you want to see - how many voicemails left, how many appointments set, how may not interested objections, etc.

The place that you will access this data is our reporting area in the CRM found here

You can either run Interaction Reports which show you how many times the detail you select happened during a time period. Or you can run Ratio Reports which create a ratio of how many times two different events happened. For example, you could run a report that compares how many calls it took to schedule a meeting, or how many meetings to close a deal, or how many calls had voicemails, or how many calls got the I am not interested objections, etc.