Can I enter my existing talk tracks into sales scripter?

Yes, you can put this and whatever else you want into SalesScripter. You can load whatever information you want. It would be similar to to asking if you can save some text into a Microsoft Word document. The answer is yes, you can put whatever you want in the document and press Save.

But what you name the document, what you make the document look like, what folder you put it in, etc. could be open questions and that is the same for SalesScripter. You can put any information you want in the system and press save. But how you design the documents that you put this and where you put it could be something to figure out or determine.

SalesScripter will provide you with a library of scripts, emails, and documents already filled out. You can add whatever you want to any of those or you can rip out and delete with is there and replace it with your own content if that is what you prefer.