Can I add another email template in the sales playbook?

A common question is if there is a way to add another new and blank template in terms of either a new script or email. The answer to this is currently no. There is a fixed number of templates and you cannot add any new ones.

That answer applies to that actual email templates that you see in the sales playbook. When you are on the email compose page which is where you edit and send emails, you can click a but to save an edited template. You can save as many of these as you would like.

Another option is that you have a fixed set of email templates in the library but those can be different for each sales pitch that you create. So one thing you can do if you want to create new email templates is to create a new sales pitch and that gives you a completely new page of email templates in the sales playbook.

For example, in my account, I created a sales pitch called "General Emails" and that gave my a new set of email templates and I then modified all of those templates to fit common prospecting situations. An example of one of those is that we get a lot of questions regarding trialing our software and one of those templates is our response to that question. This is not a cold prospecting email that we send. More so it is common email that we send once engaged with a prospect and we can go to our "General Emails" sales pitch and grab that template instead of having to write it out every time.

We do plan to add a new button that allows you to add a new template but this is a lower priority enhancement and there is not an estimated time for when this will be available.