Automatically add contacts on a list to an email campaign

In the CRM, you can add contacts to a list. You can now set it so that contacts that get added to a list get automatically added to an email campaign.

An example of how you might use this is that you might have a list of contacts that attended events that you hosted, let's say webinars for this example. You could then create an email campaign that sends a series of emails to contacts that attended one of your events. After every event, when you add contacts that attended the event to your events list in the CRM, those contacts will get automatically added to your event follow-up email campaign.

One thing to note here is that a contact can only be added to a list once and added to an email campaign once. The nice thing about that is that if we use the same example and added contacts that attended events to the list and email campaign, if someone attends more than one event and gets added more than once, they will only get the email series once because the system won't add them again.