Appropriate person email

When I get these emails, I get the feeling of a salesperson trying to sell something and everything I do is to try to minimize that in my messages.

The reason that is a core belief of mine is that decision makers get sold to a lot. So when you sound like the next salesperson trying to sell something, they begin to shut down, put their guard up, hit delete, etc.

I see decision makers similar to a pretty girl at a bar. She will get hit on by a lot of guys throughout the night. For many women, this will start to get annoying. So when the 10th guy walks up and is clearly hitting on her, he has already lost.

But it is OK for a guy to be interested in her. And she is interested in talking with a guy.

Now picture a guy that is having fun and talks to her to have increase his fun and bring fun to her and sure, he may end up hitting on her or has interest in her but it is about bringing fun to her and him (delivering value) that is first.

Converting that to sales, I don’t want you to send emails that look like you are hitting on the decision maker. I want you to appear like a doctor with medicine and you are looking for people that are sick. Sure, you will sell the medicine and profit from that but you are leading with the value first - improving something for someone, fixing something, seeing if they are sick, talking about how you helped someone else cure their illness.

I am not saying I have the perfect approach or that the emails I wrote are perfect. But the above is my logic.

We also do have an “appropriate contact” email template in our library.

It is not a horrible way to go and better than the “I sell this and I want to talk to you to see if you need it” message.

Maybe I am hypersensitive (and a lot of that comes from people trying to sell to me everyday) so another factor is that I think it is a low probability play. Put yourself in a high value target shoes - you are busy, you get tons of salespeople approaching you, and now a salesperson is asking for your help to find the right person.

Maybe you might come across a nice person that wants to help you but I feel most would not want to either waste their valuable time replying, or send a salesperson to bug their colleague, or raise their hand if they are the appropriate person. In other words, Again, it is better than most emails but I just think it is not optimum.
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