Adding a salesperson to a list of contacts

If I want to assign new sales people some of the contacts that are assigned to me right now, what's the best way to do that? Would I just create a new list identified as say "bob's list" for example - move the contacts I want to assign him that way - AND then can he just pull up his list and add to it as he contacts new prospects? I would only want him and me , as admin, to have access to his list - NOT other salespeople. is this doable?


The easiest way to assign a large set of contacts to a user is to import a file with the contacts that you want to assign and assign during the import to the user.

When creating a list, there is an option to share the list and you can share the list with the user/salesperson and only you and he/she will see the list.
You can also assign the contacts to the list during the import process.