ActiveCampaign integration question

I see the integration with activecampaign will send over new contacts added in salesscripter to activecampaign and then send over notes. But what if we added contacts to salesscripter that are already in activecampaign. What happens then?


When you add new contacts that are already in ActiveCampaign, the contacts will not go over through the API to create new contacts in ActiveCampaign. In other words, you will not create duplicates in your ActiveCampaign account when you add contacts to SalesScripter that are already on the other side.

This will work properly if both contacts have the same email address as that will be used to prevent duplicates.

If you add a contact to SalesScripter that is already in ActiveCampaign, the notes that you add into SalesScripter from logging calls and interactions will be sent over from SalesScripter to the matching contact in ActiveCampaign through the integration.