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    Customizing the name drop

    I am on the name drop page in the sales message area. The benefit statement that I input into the top of the sales message form, by default, is being populated in the answer to both of the following questions asked on the bottom of the form: "Select the initial improvement delivered to this...
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    Create a second set of objection responses

    Hi I’m trying to create a second objection handling document specifically for during presentations. However, I’m not able to create a similar template to the other objections document. Can you help?
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    How to Deal With and Get Around Sales Objections

    Like to watch your content but don't agree with the part "sell the meeting " . Why would you waste your time on a meeting that doesn't fit your ICP?
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    Getting back a deleted section

    I accidentally deleted the introduction section of my script. Is there a way to get that back?
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    Sharing scripts

    Quick question, can I create a script for others to share in their account?