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    Can I send a drip series of emails to applicants

    I can send a series of emails to contacts in the CRM. Can I do the same thing for applicants in the sales recruiting area and automate a series of emails?
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    Does SalesScripter connect with Microsoft Outlook?

    I use Outlook. Does Sales Scripter integrate with Outlook and if so how?
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    What email address will SalesScripter send my emails from?

    If I send email out of SalesScripter what email address will those emails come from?
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    I am purchasing from outside the US and the sign up form is asking for my zip code but I don't have a zip code

    I am in the UK and we don't have zip codes but the sign up form is asking for one and won't let me purchase. How can I move forward if I don't have a zip code?