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    When should I send cold emails

    What's the best time (local time) for sending emails?
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    How to keep unhappy sales people from deleting crm data

    Hi I am worried that there could be a scenario where a salesperson becomes unhappy and tries to delete a bunch of data when quitting or before leaving the company. Is there a way to prevent this?
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    sort columns

    is it possible to sort columns in the CRM? that would be good if possible
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    Share my account with my VA

    Hello, wanting to sign up today for the Pro. I will be having a VA do some work for me. Will I be allowed to share access?
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    Email blast

    I will be using the email blast campaign similar to mail merge and want to send from my own email address. I would like to know how. can you send me a video how to sync this email and how to do a mail merge using my contact list in excel. Thanks
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    Emails for B2C

    Looks like your email templates are more for B2B. Do you have templates for company selling actual products? More for B to C?