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    Change scheduled emails

    Hi, I have some emails that are in the queue to go out in the future. Can I make changes to those?
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    ActiveCampaign integration question

    I see the integration with activecampaign will send over new contacts added in salesscripter to activecampaign and then send over notes. But what if we added contacts to salesscripter that are already in activecampaign. What happens then?
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    How do you do an attachment

    Hello I am trying to attach a PDF to my emails but cannot figure out how to do that.
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    Is there a way to see emails I have sent out?

    How can I see the emails that I have sent out of sales scripter?
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    How do I make a script the default script

    How do I make one script the main script that is always used?
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    Current environment questions

    Where do I go to change or edit these questions? I see them in the documents but can't find where to go to change those or if I can change them.
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    Hiring tips where to find new sales people

    I want to hire sales people remotely to selling my product. Do you have any system or service that helps find remote sales people? Ive tried posting on Craigslist of course but with the unemployment percent in the US so low, that most people don’t want to work for commission only.
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    How does CRM handle duplicates or avoid duplicate contacts

    If I upload a list with the same contacts more than once, will this system create new contacts each time? How does it handle preventing duplicates?
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    Pain emails

    I want to add some standard industry pain points that are impacting other clients. For example, I’m calling a dentist and ask if he is experiencing these type of problems affecting the dental industry, i.e third party labs that are discounting fees. You get the idea. What I’m not sure is how...
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    Affiliate Program?

    Do you all have any type of reseller or affiliate program?
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    Sales Script Help

    My company is looking for assistant putting together a sales script for telemarketing. Is this something Sales Scripter can assist us with? If so how would we proceed?