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    Does unsubscribe stop emails from sending

    If a contact clicks unsubscribe, what happens do the emails scheduled to go out stop?
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    Integrate with Zoho?

    Do you integrate with Zoho CRM?
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    What happens to my data when I cancel

    If I cancel my subscription, what happens to my data?
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    Why integrate with mailchimp

    I see you have integration with mailchimp. Why would I use mailchimp if I have your system?
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    Changing my email signature

    How do I edit and change my email signature on the email templates in salesscripter?
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    Does the system include email marketing campaigns?

    Can I do email marketing with this? does it include email marketing campaigns?
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    Can I lock down what my employees can see in the CRM

    I only want my salespeople to see the contacts and accounts they are assigned to work and not see each others. Can I do that in the CRM?
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    Is there a limit on how many emails I can send

    Am I limited in how many emails I can per day or month? How many emails can I send?
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    How do I access a trial of the software?

    I don't see how to sign up for a free trial.
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    Do you have scripts for financial services?

    I am a financial advisor. Do you have a script for that?