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    SMS and text messages

    Do you guys offer anything in the area of sending and automating text messages? Or provide any templates for text messages?
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    Importing contacts from LinkedIn

    Hello, Are you able to import contacts from LinkedIn or from a LinkedIn search result?
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    What is the difference between the subscription levels - pro and add-on user

    Hello, I do not understand what the difference is with pro and add on license. Which do I need to purchase? For one manager and two sales reps. Thank you.
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    Does subscription include set up help?

    Hello, What do I get with the monthly subscription? Does someone help me to set up the system?
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    Importing contacts but I have fields that are not in sales scripter

    I am importing a list of contacts but my spreadsheet has a few columns that do not match with any of the fields in sales scripter. How do I get this data in sales scripter. thanks.
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    Email signature does not show up

    Hello, I set up my email signature but when I look at the templates I still see {email signature} and it does not show up. Am I doing something wrong?
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    Do you offer any type of autodialer or autodialer integration?
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    User manual

    Is there any type of user manual?