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    Can i change the order of emails in an email campaign

    would it screw the existing campaign up if I wanted to rearrange the order of the 6 emails I have in my campaign?
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    Add new templates how

    Hello, how do I add templates to the sales scripter software?
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    Get copy of slides?

    Just watched your "How to Build Your Best Value Proposition" on YouTube. Is it possible to get a copy of the preso?
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    Email address marked as undeliverable?

    I have a contact with an email address marked as undeliverable. I know the email address is correct. What can I do to fix?
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    Purchase Lite?

    Went to the pricing page, and it looks like the lite package would work, which indicates that it includes the CRM. The only other feature I think would be great to have is the Sales Message Builder. Is there a page that talks about that? Depending on that, may go with Pro, although I really...
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    Follow up scripts

    Do you have any videos or info for good follow up scripts? I did not see them and wanted to check.
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    Can you use tags for contacts

    Is there a way to add tags to contacts, for a particular industry for example, where you can then do a search on a tag and see all of the contacts with that tag?
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    What browser is best to use?

    Which browser do you recommend we use with sales scripter?
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    Where do email replies go?

    If I send an email out of the software, where do the replies go when a prospect replies? Do they go to the software or my outlook?
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    Can I create multiple scripts

    I have about 25 different products. With your system can I create more than one script or can I create a script for each of my 25 products?