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    I am busy objection

    If the prospect (recipient) on the call responds to the greeting with "I am busy right now", how should the caller respond and what follow through advice would you recommend?
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    Sales takeaway

    Hi, just wanted to know what do you mean by sales takeaway?
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    Edit scripts

    I went to edit the scripts page - but when the next page showed up there are only up/down arrows that don't do anything when clicked - and when I click on the name of script nothing happens as well. How do I edit the scripts?
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    Embed videos in an email

    Hello, Can I embed a video message into emails that I send out through this system? Thank you!
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    Sharing scripts with a teammate

    If i sign up and customise the script. and my team member also want to sign up to test. can he/she just import my setup or they have to setup everything from scratch ?
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    Can I enter my existing talk tracks into sales scripter?

    Hello, I have a lot of existing talk tracks and points. Can I put those into sales scripter?
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    Why use this instead of constant contact

    Hello why should I use salesscripter instead of a system like constant contact?